Friday, October 17, 2008

Inspired by Inspiration

This week in IT 486, we worked with digital diagrams through a software called Inspiration. Although I had not heard of Inspiration nor worked with it, I enjoyed the opportunity to get to know what it's all about. Our assignment was to create our own digital diagram and I chose 'Dinosaurs' as my topic. Once you have a topic, a diagram can be created however you see that it would be most useful for the topic or the students who will be using it. I chose my main three branches to be 'kinds of dinosaurs', so I labeled them 'Herbivores', 'Carnivores', and 'Avian Reptiles'. To each of the three branches I added facts, that I found via the Internet, that differentiated the three groups of dinosaurs. I was able to change the background color, font, and add pictures to help bring the diagram together and make it make sense.

The good thing about digital diagrams is that they can be useful for students of all ages no matter what they are studying. First grade or even eleventh grade classrooms are always studying something that could be enhanced by technology.

Face it, digital diagrams are just fun to look at!

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