Friday, October 3, 2008

Fun with Digital Images

This was an exciting and fun week in IT 486. By working with digital images, it was helpful to refresh ourselves on how to acquire, alter, download, and save digital images and useful to see how we can incorporate them into lessons of all grade levels. Finding our own images from five different sources was helpful because it allowed us to see the various places that digital images come from and see the importance of citing the image so as not to commit copyright infringement. If you didn't personally take the image, you must make sure you give credit to whoever did, even if it is yourself.

When working with our groups, we had a lot of fun taking our own pictures and creating our own ABC slide show from the pictures we took around campus. This allowed us to get hands on with our pictures and be creative with the PowerPoint presentation we shared with the class.

I feel like I understood digital images very well before our lesson but I feel even more comfortable now. With the prevalence of digital cameras these days, most people are familiar with how to get photos from their cameras to the computer. It is important that we know the basics of digital images so that more complex tasks are easier in the future.

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