Friday, September 26, 2008

My First Lesson Plan

Well, it was an interesting week and I learned a lot about the preparation of a teacher. I think it's great that we are writing lesson plans now so that when it really counts and we are creating them for a real class, that we will know what we are doing. Learning these skills now is very important and essentially what we are going to school for. We will be writing other forms in other classes to come, but I thought this was a great activity to help us get our feet wet with lesson plans and expound on our knowledge of technology.

I love Google Docs! Using this tool makes writing, sending, and sharing documents much easier. I worked with Meghan on creating the lesson plan and she was the one who initially wrote and submitted it. We needed to make changes, so because I was a collaborator, I was able to go back two days latter and make changes and resubmit. How cool!! This is definitely one tool I will continue to use when writing professional and personal documents.

I have to admit that I'm not as apprehensive in class as I was in the first few weeks. As a whole, I think we are getting used to using the applications we've been introduced to and they are starting to make more sense.

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