Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Fun is Just Beginning!

Well, right now I have no idea about the work that lies ahead of me in creating my personal website, so I am excited and not yet frustrated by the thought of it all. I do think that our websites will be useful and give us a leg up on other incoming teachers who maybe didn't have the exposure to such technology. This is definitely something that we can all take with us and use everyday in our professional career.

The thought of my own classroom is maddening enough, but to think that I can keep in contact with my students and their parents through my own website that I get to maintain is very exciting. Have a question? Just reference the website! How nice! Also this is a tool that I will be able to submit when I'm searching far and wide for the perfect teaching position. This website will be a direct reflection of me and say a lot about who I am before someone even meets me.

I may be writing again in 24 hours to express my deep hatred for web authoring, but for now, I'm ready! I just need to remember to be patient, use my time wisely, and do with it what I want because like I said, this website is a direct reflection of me!

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