Sunday, November 9, 2008

Power Point

Ahhhh.............. That is a sigh of relief because I just completed my interactive Power Point presentation. After 13+ hours, I feel like I created a project that I am proud of, that I would share with others, and most importantly that I would use in my own classroom. I chose the topic of the Solar System and connected it with the 3rd grade Science TN state standards. I included slides on each of the current planets, a summary slide, an interactive quiz with awesome pictures, and cool website that kids can visit after they've studied the Solar System.

This project was helpful to me in another class that I am currently taking. Unfortunately I am in Astronomy 151 now, but because of my power point presentation I now understand the planets a little bit better.

Overall, I enjoyed working with Power Point and learning about URL's, hyperlinks, adding digital images, and everything else that went into creating this masterpiece. I believe interactive presentations can be very powerful in the classroom and look forward to a time where I can implement something like this to make a subject more interesting and fun for my students.

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